One to One Swim Analysis


No matter your level, join us for an intensive 2 hour 1:1 Swim Analysis Session focussing on the technical development of front crawl, with Mark Pearce, BTF Level 3 coach at Loughborough University Swimming Pool. These sessions can be booked at any weekday time to suit you.

Due to the very bespoke and tailored nature of this session, it really does deliver bang for your buck and will give you results fast.

Mark will spend time analysing every fine detail of your stroke and use cutting edge tools such as HD live video analysis and HUDL were suitable to show you where improvement is required.


When you come in for a 1:1 session, we first take some notes on what your objectives are for swimming and what your history has been to this point. It’s advantageous to know if you have had coaching before, whether it comes from one of the coaching ‘systems’ such as Swim Smooth or Total Immersion etc.

If you usually do a dry land warm-up, we let you do this then have a look at some basic assessments of mobility. These are important because they input into the causes of stroke deficiency. Knowing this can help us to develop a suitable solution

We then get you to swim a few lengths so we can see what your stroke looks like before we start to do anything, this is captured on video and shared with you via the HUDL app.

From this initial assessment, we begin to work through our workflow in developing technique. Here are a few of Mark’s thoughts on some of these areas:

As you can see, there is a logical and relevant order to how we work through technical development.

We will progress through thee stages at an appropriate rate. If you are great with your kick, breathing and rotation, for instance, we will still go through it, but we may go through it much quicker. Then move onto areas which are more relevant to you. If however, this is a big area for improvement for you, then we may spend a lot of time here and not get onto other areas.

A significant part of learning technique is repetition and learning to do the essential elements well.

Another part is understanding why you are doing specific exercises and how to transfer them into your full stroke.

IMPORTANT – One swim 1:1 session is unlikely to change your swimming longterm. You should approach this, knowing that you may need regular updates to check progress and then develop the plan. One reason the initial session is 2hrs is that there is a lot to cover. Subsequent sessions can be 1hr if its more convenient, as we already know the key issues and the direction required.



This session is for anyone who wants to make a quick improvement in all aspects of their swim stroke technique. One-on-one time with Mark enables a personalised approach to you, in a world-class pool at a time to suit you in the week.


Due to the uniquely tailored approach of our 1:1 Swim Analysis Sessions, the content is down to the individual swimmers needs. We will do a quick profile early in the session, and then we will be able to use this to maximise your time during the rest of the session.

We look at:

  • Mobility & flexibility
  • Kick
  • Body Position
  • Breathing
  • Rotation
  • Alignment
  • Arm action


Most of our 1:1 sessions take place at the World Class Loughborough University Swimming Pool at a day and time to suit you.



An open mind and a positive attitude will help, plus a few swimming toys to aid learning such as:

Finis Tempo Trainer – Useful for working on arm turnover rates, and in training sessions for timing.

Finis Agility Paddles – Unique paddles with no straps, this encourages feel for water and reduced dropping of the wrist in the catch

Finis Freestyler Paddles – Usually used as training paddles these also help with alignment under the water and provide feedback on ‘S’ in the pull phase

Finis Axis Pull Buoy – This is a unique take on the pull and one of the key ‘toys’ we use.  It isolates the legs more by fixing around the ankles and encourages core activation.

Finis Snorkel – Useful for exercises when rotating to breath is distracting.

Finis Fins – Short stiff fins to provide some extra propulsion, essential for many drills.  However not too big so they change the dynamics of the kick.

Finis Pull Buoy – Standard pull buoy


Before the session you will be invited to download and create a HUDL Technique account, (if you don’t already have one). During the session relevant video will be captured and uploaded to HUDL for you to view. In this video there will be pointers for corrections, examples of good technique and key drills for you to execute in your training.

We also capture a checklist of key areas to work on so that you can see your progress in future sessions, and the areas that are most important for you.

Obviously during the session you will be getting constant feedback and advice on your stroke and any drills/exercises used. We also have a library of drills and descriptions available to view online, so you can reference check key points in the future.

Finally we will pull this all together on your own report page in the members area of our website when links to the video clips, and the finally report can be viewed.


This is a day time session, and the University pool usually has very good availability.

If you are flexible with dates and times, hit the BOOK NOW button and buy the session, in the contact form let us know some dates that would work for you, and we will get back to you with some time and dates around that.

If you need a precise time and date, please contact us first and we will check availability for you.


Included in the price of this session is:

  • A 2hr 1:1 session with your own lane in the Loughborough University pool
  • Video feedback uploaded to HUDL
  • Access to the members area on ITT website
  • A personalised report with key areas to work on
  • A top quality ITT Swim hat

Total cost £130


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