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Have you ever considered or actually downloaded a generic programme from a website?

You may have had great success with such things. However you may want a programme you can follow, but that is designed around you and your life, your circumstance and your strengths and weakness.

Generic programmes, are great if you fit the model they were created for.  Are you an excellent swimmer but a novice to running or riding.  Are you a super biker who continues to get injured running because you are cardiovascularly fitter than Musco-skeletal structure can support? You might race regularly, which most of these programmes cant factor in.

We have created Bespoke Training Programmes.

This is a personalised 16 week programme that is constructed after consultation with you. The programme is specific to your abilities, time available and your goals.

See what Mark has to say about the Bespoke Training Plans


Long Term Roadmap

Developing performance is a journey, and we create a map to navigate this journey to set the direction and ensure you understand the route we have taken.

  • Personal long term roadmap based on your race calendar, training focus and your goals

Training Program

  • Custom to your life schedule and race goals and integrated into your daily life. Delivered via a Training Peaks premium account

  • All workouts include a video/written tutorial on the focus, how to cues and guidelines for each session

  • Workouts are embedded with coaching cues and built to easily synchronise with your favourite training tools (Garmin, Wahoo, ZWIFT, TrainerRoad etc.)


The process is the same initially as being coached by us, as we still need to know as much as we can about your and your circumstances. After that it changes a little…..

  1. We meet/Skype and discuss your life, aims and ambitions, strengths and weaknesses, injury history etc.
  2. ITT builds an overview plan for 16-weeks, a micro Annual Training Plan if you like.
  3. We programme the next 8 weeks in detail, all sessions, and guidelines, video on how to make the most of the plan. What to do if you have to miss sessions etc.
  4. You then undertake the programme, during the next 8 weeks there is no feedback on the sessions, its your plan. This is the key difference between a coached programme, no feedback and no adaptability.
  5. After 8 weeks you meet/Skype with the coach and debrief the last 8 weeks.
  6. We then programme the next 8 weeks for you.
  7. A final debrief occurs after the full 16 weeks.

We will provide you with guidance for each session and some hints and tips on what to do if you are ill, or have to restructure etc.

If you find you would like more guidance, you can add on a scheduled consultancy at any time, there is an additional cost for this, but for instance, if your circumstance change dramatically and you need to make some significant changes then we can discuss this and plan it out.

“In the short space of time that I have been working with Mark I have achieved PB’s in the Half Marathon, Marathon and 70.3 distance, as well as learning a great deal about myself”

Josh Holman


The key difference between this and personal coaching is that with PERSONAL COACHING we are constantly analysing your training sessions and discussing how you’re getting on, so we can adapt the programme as we go. With BESPOKE TRAINING, the training is set for each 8 week block, and its your responsibility to manage the programme for the 8-weeks. .

We will provide you with guidance for each session and some hints and tips on what to do if you are ill, or have to restructure etc.


In some cases athletes like the idea of a customised structure to work to, but may want the freedom to adapt and shuffle sessions to suit a changing life. If you have goals that are more than 16-weeks away we can discuss a plan to meet your requirements, working on the same principles as described above.


We were contacted by an athlete aiming to compete in an Ironman in 12-months time, he wanted a Bespoke Plan, but because we knew his goals were long term, we were able to think long term. Still using the 16-week format, we built each block to bring him into peak condition for his race.

So he essentially bought 3 x 16-week programmes. Had he wanted to stop or had some reason he couldn’t complete his goal then he could have stopped at the end of a block and simply not paid for the next one. By expressing his intention, we were able to think long term to help improve the scope of what we could do.

The commitment from you is 16-weeks at a time.


Included in the cost for this 16-week triathlon training plan is:

  • The initial setup meeting (~1 hour)
  • Subscription to Training Peaks for the duration of your plan
  • 16-weeks of unique and customised training planning
  • 2 x ~1 hour debrief meetings (at 8 weeks and 16 weeks)

Prior to the set up meeting we require a single payment of  £400 for this service. This can be split into two payments of £210, the first of which is before the initial meeting.

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There are other services we offer directly and indirectly that can add to a BESPOKE TRAINING PROGRAMME that will enhance the effectiveness of the planning and ultimately your performance.  If you are on one of our PERSONAL COACHING PROGRAMMES, a BESPOKE TRAINING PROGRAMME or take out a CONSULTANCY you receive preferential rates. 

Physiology Testing + -

We offer INSCYD Physiology Assessments, these can be arranged individually or as part of a group, or on one our ‘open’ days.


Swimming 1:1 Coaching and Analysis + -

A 1:1 Swim Technique Analysis, performed at Loughborough University Pool. This session helps us to programme your swim plan more effectively as we can more efficiently plan technical and physical work, based upon your precise needs. For more info on the session, click here.

Nutrition Consultancy + -

Nutrition is a hot topic at the moment, and there is a lot of confusing and misleading information ‘out there’ in this informed age.

We use the highly experienced and qualified nutrition services of Loughborough University to provide a seamless plan based around your specific requirements and preferences.

These are custom sessions as and when you need input or advice.

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