Swimming Session Bookings


We have two main programmes.

1. Training Sessions

These are sessions where the focus is training and you can choose to attend one or come on a regular basis.

These are 60min sessions

2. Technique & Training

As the title suggests, these focus upon developing technique as well as training.

After Xmas these sessions increase in duration from 60min to 90min.

For training sessions, we limit numbers to 6 per lane, and for the T&T sessions 5 per lane. The reduction in swimmers per lane also corresponds with an increase in coaches on poolside, as we spend more time looking at technique and feeding back.


You can buy individual sessions or packs of sessions which reduce the session cost. All packs have a use-by date, at which point any unused sessions will be lost, and you will need to buy more.

The packs can be used on any of the Training sessions. So if you buy an 8 pack, for example, you can book any session on any day that you want to come to.

You only pay for what you use. If you book a session and find you can’t make it, you can cancel that up to 24hrs before the session and it won’t use a credit. If you cancel after this time it will use a credit.

If you go to book a session and find your lane is full, you can still complete the booking and you will be placed on a waitlist. If someone cancels you will be notified that the place is available.

Below you will see a calendar with available sessions on it.  There are 4 Lanes per session, and each lane has a specific speed range within it. These are not the same in each session so please check you are in the correct lane for each session you book.

If you click on a session you can book it after creating an account with Team Up. This will allow you to book more quickly in future, as we need contact details and a health questionnaire before your first session.

You can also download an app for your phone which provides direct access to the sessions so booking will become even quicker in the future.

Apple App Store / iOS

Google Play / Android

Once that’s all set up, you simply buy your pack or single swim and select your session.

If you click on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) you can check the Memberships (swim packs) available, the Sessions and the Courses we have available at the moment, as well as edit your account info.


These courses are a little different and are part of a structured programme, therefore you buy the whole programme.

You need to create an account with Team Up as with Training sessions (or if you already have one you can just book without any additional admin).

You will find the available courses under ‘Courses’ on the menu.



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