Personal Coaching


The focus of our triathlon coaching is to help you meet your goals, whatever they may be.

We coach highly motivated and enthusiastic athletes including:

  • Professional and Elites in Standard, Middle (70.3),  Ironman and Xterra
  • Age group athletes aiming for World Championships, Kona qualification and podiums
  • Age group athletes aiming to improve their own performances in distances from Sprint to Ironman
  • Multi-sport athletes wanting a structured programme to generally improve fitness

The key for us is that you are enthusiastic, open minded and committed. How fast you currently are is not relevant. It helps if you like an analytical approach as we use a science and data-driven approach blended with experience and communication with the athletes we coach. If the analytics don’t interest you, thats fine, all you need to do is follow the plan and feedback, we do all the number crunching, and analysis.

Your goals are your goals, and we will do our best to support you on your journey.

Focussed, Informed And Objective Triathlon Coaching In Partnership With Athletes To Develop Performance


Coaching will vary from athlete to athlete and from day-to-day. We don’t constrain ourselves to work in a specific way. Instead, we flex the style and level of coaching, depending upon the individual athletes requirements at that time.

If you choose to be coached by us, we will work with you to give you what you need. Each person is unique; their circumstances are different, their history is different, their strengths and weaknesses are – you guessed it, different.

We provide expert coaching, working with you and your life, by considering areas such as:

  • Time available
  • Objectives
  • History
  • Resources and facilities available
  • Skill-set
  • Injury and illness history

We also use and analyse data from a variety of devices such as power meters, GPS, smart-watches and trainers. We also the qualitative data and comments you provide via feedback mechanisms in Training Peaks such as:

  • How hard was the session
  • How well recovered were you
  • How did it feel

By using the qualitative feedback in conjunction with the data we are able to build a much more complete picture of how you are progressing.

Training Peaks provides us with the tools to monitor your programme in detail and make adjustments quickly, maximising your time.

“The biggest point I have learnt from Mark to date: patience. This is a true testament to our relationship where we have built trust, commitment and mutual understanding”
Sam Proctor (Pro Triathlete)


We coach you, if you need to talk to us, or us to you then we talk. It could be messenger chats, Skype calls, phone, email or carrier pigeon if you can work it out.

The point is we don’t limit communication. Sometimes we may chat several times in a week, sometimes we may go a few weeks without as it’s not necessary.

We use Training Peaks to write programmes and view, analyse and feedback to you about your training, to support this even further we use the advanced features of WKO5 to further delve into your data. We have found this to be the best tool for us to support you.


Long Term Roadmap

Developing performance is a journey, and we create a map to navigate this journey to set the direction and ensure you understand the route we have taken.

  • Personal long term roadmap based on the race calendar, training focus and your goals

Training Program

  • Custom to your life schedule and race goals and integrated into your daily life. Delivered via a complementary Training Peaks Premium account

  • All workouts include a video/written tutorial on the focus, how to cues and guidelines for each session

  • Workouts are embedded with coaching cues and built to easily synchronise with your favourite training tools (Garmin, Wahoo, ZWIFT, TrainerRoad etc.)

  • We adjust your plan when necessary factor in things such as fatigue, travel, work/life schedule changes and injury/illness

  • Your feedback on sessions is reported in Training Peaks and provides a seamless 2-way reporting mechanism

Feedback and Individual Guidance

Treating each athlete as an individual is a core principle for us, and as such, we aim to deliver:

    • Unlimited communication with your coach

    • Daily review and feedback in Training Peaks on all training sessions

    • Regular reporting and analysis to ensure you are on track with your training and progression

Additional Features

As a coached athlete, we also use some other tools which you will have access to that helps with our coaching process and your racing.

  • Best Bike Split – this is a tool which allows us to model a bike course and then use your data to

    • Create race plans – how much power and when to apply it to optimise your pace
    • Predict times for the course – factoring in weather and road surfaces etc.
    • Demonstrate how changes to equipment or you could influence your time
    • Analyse a race and understand more about your drag characteristics



There are other services we offer directly and indirectly that can add to a PERSONAL COACHING programme that will enhance the effectiveness of the planning and ultimately your performance. These include:

Physiology Testing + -

In conjunction with Loughborough University Sport Science service, we offer physiology testing and assessments to meet your demands. This could be:

A full physiology profile for running or cycling
A look at your fuelling requirements by testing to see how you break down carbs and fats
Are you racing in the heat? There are quite a few options we can work out to help manage this and improve performance.
As the requirements and time required vary, we can’t provide exact costs so please enquire if you would like more information.

Swimming 1:1 Coaching and Analysis + -

A 1:1 Swim Technique Analysis, performed at Loughborough University Pool. This session helps us to programme your swim plan more effectively as we can more efficiently plan technical and physical work, based upon your precise needs. For more info on the session, click here.

Strength & Conditioning Consultancy + -

Strength and conditioning can play an essential role in athletes training for a variety of reasons such as

  • Staying injury-free
  • recovering from injury
  • Developing coordination and activation in specific areas
  • Physical robustness

Most of these areas are not performance-enhancing by themselves, but they facilitate the capacity to train more effectively and therefore become fitter and stronger.

We work with an experience S&C coach who has worked in triathlon and endurance sports and understands the needs of triathletes. We can develop programmes based around your requirements and time commitments and then fit them seamlessly into your plan.

For more information, please see check out our S&C pages here, or get in touch via the form below.

Nutrition Consultancy + -

Nutrition is a hot topic at the moment, and there is a lot of confusing and misleading information ‘out there’ in this informed age.

We use the highly experienced and qualified nutrition services of Loughborough University to provide a seamless plan based around your specific requirements and preferences.

These are custom sessions as and when you need input or advice.

Get in touch for more info on how we can help you perform better


Firstly if you are interested in this option we will arrange a call or meeting to discuss your requirement and for you to ask any questions you have, this is free of charge and there is no obligation to proceed any further.

If we decide to go ahead with coaching we need to set a start date and arrange another time for another call where we get into your triathlon career, your aims and goals, life commitments, such as work and family etc. Basically we want as much info as possible.

You need to set up a Training Peaks account if you don’t have one, the cost of this is covered in your monthly fee.

The ‘big picture’ goes into Training Peaks, along with your first training block.

You start the process of getting quicker!

Cost: £220 per month (plus one-off £115 set-up fee)



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