Swim Training Sessions


We run a variety of training sessions for swimmers who can swim 100m repeats from  1’30 – 2’30.  Our sessions are front crawl based for open water and triathlon swimmers although you don’t have to be one to join these sessions. You might just enjoy swimming a training session with other people, in a structured and coached environment.  Currently we have sessions on

  • Tuesday 8:15 – 9:15 pm
  • Thursday 6:45 – 7:45 am
  • Sunday 5 – 6 pm

All sessions are currently run at

Castle Rock Academy (formerly King Edwards Technical College), Warren Hills Rd, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 4UW


We have four lanes, each with a guideline pace so we group swimmers of similar ability.  Of course, we will sometimes swim faster than those times, and slower, but this gives a guideline for whether this is appropriate for you.  The paces of these lanes vary a little from session to session so check out the booking page for specifics.

Sessions are 60 min including a warm-up and cool-down and will normally cover 2000 – 3000m depending upon the lane and speed of the swimmer.

We will usually have 2 experienced coaches on poolside at all times, running the sessions and providing feedback. However these are primarily training sessions so if you are looking for more technical input please look at our Technique & Training Sessions, or clinics during the winter.

In order to run these sessions post COVID-19 we are restricted to a maximum of 6 swimmers per lane and there are some more unusual guidelines we have to follow.  As the restrictions ease we will keep swimmers up to date with numbers and rules etc.


We will be following guidance from Swim England regarding safe swimming for rescuing the risk of spreading COVID-19, these include:

  • Come ready to swim
  • We will split each lane so some people will start from one end, and others from the other end.
    • This means we will need to be on the ball for the session and work with the coach assigned to your lane.
  • All lanes will rotate the same way, to minimise the time crossing other swimmers.
    • Looking from the shallow end
      • Lanes will go up the left and down the right.
      • Breathing will be to the left on the way up and on the right on the way down.
        • Great opportunity to learn or practice bilateral breathing.
    • When stopping the first person will stop at the end, the next person will stop ~ 1m before the end of the pool.
      • In the deep end, the 2nd person will hold the wall or lane top to the left of them ~ 1m before the end.
  • When finished you can use the chainring rooms, but please maintain your distance, and be as quick as possible, exiting through the main front door.
  • During the session, coaches will
    • maintain social distance
    • wear face masks
      • We rarely need to get within 2m of a swimmer, so we will not wear shields as this will make communication very difficult.
  • Hand wash will be available as you enter the building and should be used.
  • None of the ‘toys’ at King Edwards will be available for use, so please ensure you bring all your own equipment.


The session will be roughly set out  as

  • 10min warm-up
  • 45min of training
  • 5min cooldown


To the right is a simple outline of each session and the progression each week.

Each week we will email the group with links to the specific sessions each lane will be undertaking, so you know the equipment you need and so that we can be more efficient on poolside.

The sessions will be printed out and placed at each end of each lane (example to the right)

The pace clock will be midway down the pool so each lane and each end can see it.

Sample Plan



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