No matter your level we can help you swim faster. 

Join us for one of our intensive programmes such as our Swim Schools, Swim Clinics or 1:1 Sessions focussing on the technical development of front crawl.

Our swim coaching sessions are very popular with all levels of swimmer. We have worked with people swimming anything from over 10 minutes for 400m, to sub 4:30, and have helped everyone improve their times.

If you want to improve your swimming, it is important to not just focus on swimming faster. Swimming more comfortably, confidently and efficiently will all result in improved performance.


During our technical swim sessions, we aim to instil the key elements of an efficient stroke and teach how these integrate into the whole stroke.

Our approach is to start with the fundamentals of body position, kick, rotation and breathing. Getting these right is key to reducing your drag in the water.

Once you are into the right positions, we can then work on your catch, so that you can make the most of this in the most efficient position.

We do this through the use of drills, but the drills are specifically coached so that you can then put them into your full stroke effectively. On any of our coached programmes, you will get feedback on how you execute the drills and how this impacts on your full stroke.


“If you are serious about improving your swimming, then this course is for you. Quality coaching with drills, technique analysis and feedback on a weekly basis”
Neil Cobley


Our approach is not one-size fits all.  Drills may be the same for all, but how they are used with people will be different depending on the technical areas each person needs to develop. 

There are aspects of an effective stroke that are similar to different styles, despite the full stroke looking quite different to another persons.


See the video below for some of Head Coach Mark’s thoughts on the process of developing swim technique.


We run three options, depending upon where you live and what your requirements are one may be more suitable than others. If you are in any doubt what might be  the most suitable for you, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page and get in touch.


These hugely popular courses run for 1 hour per week in the evening, for 10 weeks, in and around the Loughborough area.

It is a curriculum based course, aimed at triathletes who want to be more efficient in the water. Of course other swimmers are welcome, but we solely focus on front crawl.

For more detail visit our dedicated Swim School page.


We have revised the curriculum for these recently to make them more specific for you.

These are one day courses with 3.5hrs of swimming in 3 sessions. There is also some class room work to review footage, and cover the principles of technique. Each course now specialises on a couple of key areas with the stroke that are closely related:

  1. Body Position & Breathing
  2. Rotation & Alignment
  3. Propulsion & Timing

We’ll have more details soon!


Intensive 2 hour 1:1 Swim Analysis Sessions focussing on the technical development of front crawl, at Loughborough University Swimming Pool. These sessions can be booked at any WEEKDAY time to suit you.

Due to the very bespoke and tailored nature of this session, it really does deliver bang for your buck and will give you results FAST. Mark will spend time analysing every fine detail of your stroke and use cutting edge tools such as HD live video analysis and HUDL where suitable to show you where improvement is required.

If you have been on a swim school or clinic, or are a coached athlete we have seen swim before, we can schedule 1hr sessions. This is because there is a lot to cover and in our experience 1hr is not enough time to cover everything.

For more detail visit our 1:1 Swim Analysis page



In the group sessions, due to the way we coach these sessions and the number of coaches on deck, we can cater for a wide range a paces.

You do need to be able to swim though, preferably able to complete 800-1000m continuously, the pace isn’t too important.

For more experienced/faster swimmers we generally work on guideline of a fastest pace of around 5’00 – 5’20 for a 400m effort.

In the 1:1 session, your speed is irrelevant, as you will be the only person in the session!


Swim School is target at people in the Loughborough area.  You should target this session if you want/need:

  • to make general improvements in your stroke
  • feedback regularly to help improve, repetition really helps to develop skills
  • like group learning

Swim Clinics less geographically restricted, they are targeting athletes who

  • know their weaknesses and want to really work on a specific area
  • Live further from Loughborough
  • Don’t have time to commit to a regular 1hr swim school school

You can always sign up for the complete course set, which will provide you with a similar amount of swimming as the 10-week course.

1:1 Individual Sessions are very specific and can be tailored to your specific requirements. Choose this option if:

  • you want individual attention
  • have specific issues
  • you would like more detailed feedback in a post session report.


Yes! What you need will depend upon which course you choose and what your specific focus might be. Below are some links to popular equipment we use on a regular basis.  Other options are available in most cases, and more info on how we use these ‘toys’ can be found on the blogs, and individual pages.

Finis Tempo Trainer – Useful for working on arm turnover rates, and in training sessions for timing.

Finis Agility Paddles – Unique paddles with no straps, this encourages feel for water and reduced dropping of the wrist in the catch

Finis Freestyler Paddles – Usually used as training paddles these also help with alignment under the water and provide feedback on ‘S’ in the pull phase

Finis Axis Pull Buoy – This is a unique take on the pull and one of the key ‘toys’ we use.  It isolates the legs more by fixing around the ankles and encourages core activation.

Finis Snorkel – Useful for exercises when rotating to breath is distracting.

Finis Fins – Short stiff fins to provide some extra propulsion, essential for many drills.  However not too big so they change the dynamics of the kick.

Finis Pull Buoy – Standard pull buoy


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