Terms & Conditions

1.     The client agrees that it is their sole responsibility to determine whether they are sufficiently fit and healthy to safely undertake the training provided.

2.     The client must inform ITT of any injuries/illness/medical condition that would affect their ability to complete the training provided or that the training provided would negatively impact upon.

3.     ITT takes no responsibility for any illness, injury, ill-health or medical condition that arises as a result of following the training plans provided.

4.     (Coaching only) Termination of the coaching agreement can be initiated by either party giving at least one month’s notice in writing (including via email) after the initial commitment of 2 months.

5.     ITT has the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect by notice in writing (including via email) to the client if the client fails to make any payment when it becomes due.

6.     All coaching sessions provided to you are for your own personal use and should be treated as confidential. No sessions should be uploaded, passed on to others or shared on any social media or data sharing sites.