Triathlon Coaching Options


Triathlon is a complicated sport. It combines three endurance sports that are not particularly complimentary to one another and turns them into one event. Even for experienced athletes, it can be very challenging to get the balance right: which areas to focus on, when to focus on them, how to improve techniques and so on.


Focussed, Informed And Objective Triathlon Coaching In Partnership With Athletes To Develop Performance


Our Personal Coaching option is the core of our business. Whether you are a local athlete or on the other side of the world, we use modern tools to communicate and develop your training programme to fit your life, goals and aims.  

Our approach is:

  • Individual athlete-centred plan
  • Science and data-driven, blended with the ‘art’ of coaching
  • Structured, detailed and process-driven
  • Designed to ensure effective communication to constantly review and update your programme based on your feedback and data.

Head Coach, Mark Pearce is a BTF Level 3 coach with a Masters degree in Applied Physiology. Before running Intelligent Triathlon Training, he was physiologist for British Triathlon’s Olympic Programme, supporting teams in the 2004 Athens Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympics. Mark was also Performance Manager for the Women’s Olympic Team in 2008. In 2010 he became head coach for the one of the two UK Olympic Training Centres, in Loughborough, and coached Lucy Hall to 2012 London Olympics.  During his time coaching with British Triathlon, Mark coached athletes to multiple World Triathlon Series tops tens, podium positions, a World U23 title and numerous World Cup and ITU Cup wins and podiums.

Since taking on longer distance, 70.3 and Ironman athletes he has coached athletes to Professional wins and podiums, AG World Championships and personal bests in events from Sprint Distance to Ironman and Xterra.

His experience in elite sport has been successfully adapted to work in AG and time-starved athletes. Through the use of object analysis and a thorough understanding of the demands of the sport, programmes are not just scaled-down version of Pro programmes. They are designed to maximise the time you have available and provide the biggest bang for your buck.

We work with a range of athletes, including pros and high performing age groupers and age-group athletes from 18 – 65+, the most important criteria is to be committed and wanting a structured programme. It helps to like your triathlon ‘toys’, but it’s not essential

Our philosophy is to optimise an athletes performance and educate them by providing individualised, holistic approach that is tailored to each athlete, using:

  • analytical tools,
  • experience and knowledge of how to use those tools
  • free-flowing communication

“Mark has a great individual approach with real attention to detail. I think this is rare in Tri coaching”
Lee Charles – AG Kona Qualifier

Your goals are our goals; our role is to help you reach them using our expertise and experience.

Communication is key to a successful coaching relationship, and we strive to make this as easy for both parties as possible. Feedback and interpretation is completed seamlessly through our coaching platform Training Peaks. We have both the experience and expertise you can trust.



Bespoke Triathlon Training Programmes are an affordable means of having a customised, totally unique training programme that is designed for you and considers:

  • YOUR history
  • YOUR strengths and weaknesses,
  • YOUR time available to train,
  • YOUR goals

Get the benefit of expert input to your training so you have the confidence that you are getting the most out the time you have to train.

Unlike generic downloadable programmes, our bespoke triathlon training programmes:

  1. Take into consideration your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Allow for a changeable work or home schedule
  3. Are focusing on your specific goals


Do you like to set your own plan, but need some help structuring it?

Do you work odd irregular hours that makes a more formally structured plan more complicated, and need some help to set your direction?

Have you not had the season you wanted, and want to try to understand why? And then work out how to be better next year?

Are you struggling to work out how to fit everything together in training?

If any of these are you, then it could be that you need to chat with someone who can help you objectively and quantifiably analyse your training and races, and help you to design a Road Map Plan. From this plan, you can then set the specific sessions following your ideas. The Road Map provides you with the destination and the route; you need to decide how much to do each day and when.


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