About us


Our Philosophy: specific, informed and objective coaching in partnership with athletes to develop performance.

We fully embrace and deliver an intelligent holistic approach to coaching using an application of both science and common sense.

Our Philosophy is to provide individualised tailored coaching to all athletes, using analytical tools, experience and two-way interaction to optimise an athlete’s performance and to develop their skill sets.

Communication is key to a successful coaching relationship and we strive to make this as easy for both parties as possible. Feedback and interpretation is completed seamlessly through our coaching platform: Training Peaks. We have both the experience and expertise you can trust in.


Head Coach: Mark Pearce

Mark has a BSc Sports Science and MSc Applied Exercise Physiology and is a BTF Level 3 qualified coach.   After a stint as physiologist for GB Sailing, he moved into the world of triathlon in 2002 where he was the Physiologist for the British Olympic Triathlon Team until 2010, supporting and attending both the Athens and Beijing Olympics.

In 2010 Mark moved from the science and management world to coaching, taking over the post of Head Coach at Loughborough High Performance Triathlon Centre. This was one of two centres around the UK that catered for athletes with Olympic ambitions.

In 2012 he coached Lucy Hall for the 2012 Olympics.  During his time as coach for the High-Performance Elite Programme, he guided Matt Sharp to a world U23 championship and Adam Bowden to numerous top 10 WTS finishes.

In 2014 he left to pursue his own coaching business, Intelligent Triathlon Training.  He now works with non-drafting Pro and AG group athletes, bringing a blend of higher performance coaching, applied sport science and experience to benefit all athletes.


The focus of our coaching is to help you meet your goals, whatever they may be, and whether that is through triathlon coaching, a bespoke triathlon training plan or simply through our variety of swim coaching and technical training sessions.

Some of our clients simply want to be fit and enjoy the structure and routine of a regular programme that is making them better.

Other athletes are aiming for Professional wins, or to work toward becoming a Professional. 

Some have full-time jobs with all the pressure that brings and/or juggling family life, but still, want to win a medal at a championship event or qualify for a World Championship event.

Your goals are your goals, and we will do our best to support you on your journey. We use a holistic and tailored approach to treat each person as an individual with individual needs, timetables, strengths and weaknesses.


In most cases, athletes want to race and we believe athletes set the races, not coaches. 

As coaches we are trying to help you reach your goals, therefore the ‘A’ races need to be ones you want to do. We may suggest some other racing to help prepare for those A races, but the headlines need to come from you.

To set a program and set out on improving performance to meet those aims, first we have to know where the performance level is to start with, and what it’s likely to take to meet your goals. 

We can do this in a variety of ways, but the best is analysing high-quality race data, showing us not just how fast the athlete is, but how they have achieved those times.

We also have a range of testing options that enable us to delve deeper into the mechanisms responsible for performances and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of an athlete enable us to set the best programmes.

Next we need realistic short term goals, it’s impossible to predict someone’s absolute potential as there are so many factors involved. We know you may have set your heart on doing a certain time/result, but in all honesty, we focus upon the process of making you better, not the time or placing.

To improve you need to train and prepare at an appropriate rate. Therefore if you are doing good training, looking after yourself, paying attention to nutrition and many other aspects of performance you will achieve the best you can – and no one can ask for more than that. Ideally, you will meet your target, but at the same time take satisfaction from the process of achieving it.

It is also great to see athletes and develop some technical work, whether that be swimming technique, time-trial practice, skills, or just a little quality group training. We offer a range of tailored services that coached athletes can choose to engage in to help assist with the development and achievement of their goals.


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