Why be coached by Intelligent Triathlon Training? 

Our Personal Coaching option is the core of our business. Whether you are a local athlete or on the other side of the world, we use modern tools to communicate and develop your training programme to fit your life, goals and aims.

Our approach is:

 Individual athlete-centred plans.

Science and data-driven, blended with the 'art' of coaching.

Structured, detailed and process-driven.

Designed to ensure effective communication to constantly review and update your programme based on your feedback and data.

We work with a range of athletes, including pros and high performing age groupers and age-group athletes from 18 – 65+, the most important criteria are to be committed and wanting a structured programme. It helps to like your triathlon ‘toys’, but it’s not essential.

Who is Triathlon Coaching For?

The focus of our triathlon coaching is to help you meet your goals, whatever they may be. It is an athlete led, coach directed programme

We coach highly motivated and enthusiastic athletes, including:

  • Professional and Elites in Standard, Middle (70.3),  Ironman and Xterra
  • Age group athletes aiming for World Championships, Kona qualification and podiums
  • Age group athletes seeking to improve their performances in distances from Sprint to Ironman
  • Multi-sport athletes wanting a structured programme to improve fitness generally

The key for us is that you are enthusiastic, open-minded and committed. How fast you currently are is not relevant. It helps if you like an analytical approach as we use a science and data-driven approach, blended with experience and communication with you, the athlete. If the analytics don't interest you, that's fine; all you need to do is follow the plan and feedback; we do all the number crunching and analysis.

Your goals are your goals, and we will do our best to support you on your journey.

Informed And Objective Triathlon Coaching In Partnership With Athletes To Develop Performance.

Mission Statement

Our experience in elite sport has been successfully adapted to work in AG and time-starved athletes. Through objective analysis and a thorough understanding of the demands of the sport, programmes are not just scaled-down versions of Pro programmes. They are designed to maximise the time you have available and provide the biggest bang for your buck.

Communication is key to a successful coaching relationship, and we strive to make this as easy for both parties as possible. Feedback and interpretation are completed seamlessly through our coaching platform, Training Peaks. We have both the experience and expertise you can trust.  

Meet the coaches


Mark Pearce (Head Coach)


Mark is a BTF Level 3 coach with a Masters degree in Applied Physiology. Before running Intelligent Triathlon Training, he was a physiologist for British Triathlon’s Olympic Programme, supporting teams in the 2004 Athens Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympics. Mark was also Performance Manager for the Women’s Olympic Team in 2008. In 2010 he became head coach for one of the two UK Olympic Training Centres in Loughborough and coached Lucy Hall to the 2012 London Olympics.  

Since taking on long-distance, 70.3 and Ironman athletes, he has coached athletes to Professional wins and podiums, AG World Championships, and personal bests in Sprint Distance to Ironman and Xterra events.


Sam Proctor

Sam is currently racing as a professional long-distance triathlete, but comes from an age-group background, taking up the sport in his early 20s.  He has been coached by Mark since 2015 and consequently, the two have a lot in common with their coaching, but from different perspectives. 

On his first Pro Ironman Sam set the fastest debut pro time by a British athlete on his way to finishing 8th in Ironman Texas. 

Sam brings a lot of experience as a competitor and is a valuable asset to our coaching team. 

Mark and Sam work as a team, so although you may have a lead coach, you can rest assured that you are benefitting from the experience and knowledge of both our coaches.  

Your goals are our goals 

Our role is to help you reach them using our expertise and experience.

How Does it Work?

 First of all, there is a no-obligation option, where you can book a chat with Mark or Sam to answer any questions and see if the match is a good fit.  It will also depend upon us having available spaces as we limit full coaching to specific numbers to ensure the quality of service.  

Next, if we agree to move forward, we follow this process:

Step One - Consult

An initial consultation with you to discuss:

  • Goals and Objectives
  • Events (future and past)
  • Training History
  • Injury History
  • Work & home life commitments
  • If necessary we will ask for some performance trial data to help inform your triathlon profile. 

Step Two - Periodisation

From that, we create a performance Plan that outlines:

  • The goals discussed and any new ones that have been created
  • A race programme
  • A road map of where your programme will likely lead
  • Periodisation outline

This is a guide to the type, load and duration of training that will likely be performed in the plan 

Step Three - Training Plan

With the Performance Plan outlined, we start to build your day-to-day training.  Usually, 2 – 4 weeks at a time, depending upon circumstance etc.  To do this we provide you with:

  • Premium Training Peaks account to which your training is uploaded using sessions specifically for you, your requirements and the time available to train.  
  • To help understand the programme we record a screencast of the programme with a voice-over, explaining each session and where it fits, how to execute it etc.

Step Four - Review

During your programme, we allow free access as much as is needed, so if you need to talk you can schedule a meeting through our app, or if it's a quick question or something that needs immediate attention then there are a variety of means of getting in touch.   

Your data is processed and analysed in Training Peaks and the more advanced WKO5, which enables us to be more specific and track performance changes, monitor training load and feedback when necessary.


Performance Plan

Developing performance is a journey, and we create a map to navigate this journey to set the direction and ensure you understand the route we have taken.

  • Personal long term roadmap based on the race calendar, training focus and goals.


Unique Training Program

  • Customised to your life schedule and race goals and integrated into your daily life. Delivered via a complementary Training Peaks Premium account
  • All workouts include a video or written tutorial on the focus, how-to cues and guidelines for each session
  • Workouts are embedded with coaching cues and built to easily synchronise with your favourite training tools (Garmin, Wahoo, ZWIFT, TrainerRoad etc.)
  • We adjust your plan when necessary factoring in things such as fatigue, travel, work/life schedule changes and injury/illness

  • Your feedback on sessions is reported in Training Peaks and provides a seamless 2-way reporting mechanism, as we can comment specifically on a session.

Feedback and Individual Guidance

Treating each athlete as an individual is a core principle for us, and as such, we aim to deliver:

  • Unlimited communication with your coach
  • Reviews and feedback in Training Peaks on appropriate training sessions
  • Regular reporting and analysis to ensure you are on track with your training and progression
  • Coaches use advanced analysis tools including Best Bike Split and WKO5 to deep dive into your data.

Additional Features

As a coached athlete, we also use some other tools which you will have access to that helps with our coaching process and your racing such as: 

  • Best Bike Split – this is a tool that allows us to model a bike course and then use your data to
    • Create race plans – how much power and when to apply it to optimise your pace
    • Predict times for the course – factoring in weather and road surfaces etc.
    • Demonstrate how changes to equipment or you could influence your time
    • Analyse a race and understand more about your drag characteristics
  • A members area on our Training Tilt platform, which has:-
    • Exclusive content 
    • Hints and tips 
    • A coached community group 
    • Race calendar
  • Access to all of our coaches.  

Although you may have a lead coach, the knowledge and experience of our coaches are shared across all athletes. 

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Mark Pearce - Head Coach

For coaching with Mark as your lead coach

We also charge a £115 set up fee which is payable when you book your 60-min onboarding meeting.

£ 220/mo

Sam Proctor - Coach

For coaching with Sam as your lead coach

We also charge a £115 set up fee which is payable when you book your 60-min onboarding meeting.

£ 180/mo