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Annual Training Plan

The annual training plan sets out the GOALS you want to achieve, the difference between where you are now and where you need to be (GAP ANALYSIS) and the STRATEGY of how we will go about it.  This document then helps to keep us focused on the big picture, it provides us with direction, so we can design the best PLAN we can.  

Big Hairy Goals

  1. Ideally a table with Goal | Deadline | Type as title

Little Hairy Goals

  1.  ditto

Gap Analysis

Ideally a table with Date|Discipline | Metric | Current | Requirement | Target as titles and capacity to add lines

Where are you currently, or have been recently, in key areas, what level do you need to be at to achieve the BHG? These can be ambitious, with a more achievable TARGET also set.


How we going to go about achieving the BHG.

Table with date | Discipline | Area | Strategy

Physiological Performance Factors in Cycling and Running

Endurance sports performance is heavily influenced by CAPACITY, THRESHOLD and SUSTAINABLE EFFORT (Stamina). The factors in the diagram below are metrics that we quantify using WKO5 and part of the process in working out the strategy. Each of these is comprised of many other factors which combine to make the high-level metrics we monitor regularly.

Depending upon the event you target then some may be more important than others.  For instance, in an Ironman we don't need to focus on PMax, FRC too much.  In a Sprint event, Stamina is less relevant, but TTE is very important. 


Pmax = The maximum power over at least a full pedal revolution with both legs.

FRC = The total amount of work that can be done during continuous exercise above FTP before fatigue occurs.

VO2max = maximum rate you can uptake and use oxygen (O2) and the power output associated with this

FTP = The model-derived highest power that can maintain in a quasi-steady-state without fatiguing (Functional Threshold Power)

TTE = TTE is the maximum duration for which power equal to FTP can be maintained (Time to Exhaustion)

Stamina = a measure of resistance to fatigue during a prolonged duration, moderate intensity (i.e., sub-FTP) exercise.



Swimming is a little different as we do not measure data in the same way. So the diagram for swimming looks a little different.

We include Technique here as this is an important part of the whole picture. 

Other Factors

These are not inconsequential factors left to the end, they are all factors that will impact the final outcome and need to be considered as part of the STRATEGY and the PLAN.  They can be quite broad areas and we can use the table below to highlight key areas for you and how and when we will work to resolve them.