Thanks for signing up with Intelligent Triathlon Training!

Before we can get started, we need to collect some information from you; please complete the following at least seven days prior to the start of your plan.

If you have completed a health questionnaire for us on our website in the last 12 months, you do not need to complete it again, unless circumstances have changed.

IMPORTANT: We need you to connect your Training Peaks Account to our ITT account. Follow these instructions to connect your Training Peaks account to our Coach version.

Use: as the coach email.  If Sam is coaching you, this will also enable him to access your information.
The Training Peaks account is yours, and you retain control over it; the connection allows us to view and edit the training information so we can view your history, add plans and sessions, make comments etc.

WE NEED THESE 3 THINGS BEFORE WE CAN BEGIN CONSTRUCTING YOUR PLAN AND HAVE IT READY FOR THE START DATE. Under normal circumstances, we need a minimum of 7 days between receiving the data and being able to have your plan loaded.

Why do we need the information in the onboarding form?
We want to understand as much as we can about your training and racing past, what you want to achieve, how you work and how your life works, the time you have to train, special circumstances etc., so that the plan we build for you fits your life and goals seamlessly.

We may want to dive into some of your past races to understand why things happened the way they did or how you have found your past training.  By understanding what has worked or not worked for you in the past, we can side-step some pitfalls and maximise your progress.