“After competing in Triathlon for a number of years it has been easy to repeat the same routine.

I really wanted to keep improving and had fallen into a plateau. ITT has given me a fresh lease of enthusiasm for the sport and I am seeing the performance results too! IM World Champs – KONA 2018.

Mark has a great individual approach with real attention to detail. I think this is rare in Tri coaching (from my experience) and was just what I was looking for. Highly recommended!”

Lee Charles, Partner at Kona Associates

“Mark Pearce – The coach with the Camera Mark and I have been working together for my entire professional career. He helped me get there too. I think Mark deserves a medal!

Back in 2014 I was an ambitious age grouper wanting to not only race in the PRO field but also to race the best in the Triathlon World. Mark took on my ambitions and has excited me ever since…

We have a fantastic relationship “on and off the field” and both have a love for Records. The first PRO year we won IM70.3 Buenos Aires and stood on IM70.3 podiums in the UK and Sweden. In 2017 we went on to break multiple bike course records and win IM70.3 Texas and stood on IM70.3 podiums in the UK, Sweden and Argentina. Last year (2018) we won IM70.3 Finland and got pretty close to the 100mile TT record. We also got to grips with our approach to IRONMAN racing in Texas and Sweden. 2019 is super exciting with more races to try to win and more records to break.

We work so well because we love to push the boundaries – in an intelligent fashion, of course”

Kim Morrison, Pro Triathlete

“Mark is an efficient, practical and effective coach with the organisational side of the business now handed over as he grows the Intelligent Triathlon Training brand with a dynamic mix of talent. I joined forces with Mark in June 2016 having witnessed exciting successes amongst his athletes.

Turning PRO has been the goal and in 2018 we cemented this with a win at the Holkham Outlaw and a pro podium at IM70.3 Weymouth. For me a coach gives me structure, consistency and the emotional edge is taken away from day to day decisions. The biggest point I have learnt from Mark to date: patience. This is a true testament to our relationship where we have built trust, commitment and mutual understanding. Apart from in the kitchen! I need more than eggs and chorizo to fuel my professional career”

Sam Proctor, Ride Harder Coach and Pro Triathlete

“I first started working with Mark last May at a point where I felt my training and performance had plateaued. I had big ambitions to turn professional in Long Distance Triathlon and I knew I needed a coach to help me achieve my goals.

In the short space of time that I have been working with Mark I have achieved PB’s in the Half Marathon, Marathon and 70.3 distance, as well as learning a great deal about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses. Most importantly I have made a big step in the direction of achieving my professional race licence by placing second in my AG at the Challenge Championship race last year and winning my AG group at Ironman Weymouth 70.3, and therefore I am one result away from being awarded my professional licence.

Without Mark and all of his knowledge and experience, I would not have achieved what I have in such a short space of time and I would recommend his coaching services to anyone who wants to take their performance to the next level”

Josh Holman, Process Engineer, British Sugar

“I started working with Mark after several years of getting close to a sub 10 Ironman, but always falling slightly short of the performance target I had set myself. I knew the gains I needed to find were predominantly on the bike, whilst also maintaining the strong swim and run that had made me competitive as a top age grouper and regular Kona qualifier for a number of years. Finding these gains were challenged by a demanding full-time job and the fact I was already working very hard towards my Ironman goals… Plus I am a woman over 40 and improvements become harder and harder to find at my age.

I’d seen what Mark had done in transforming the bike performances of other athletes and liked his very focused, scientific and intelligent approach to programming, it suits my own ‘geeky’ predisposition! Mark’s approach is very much tailored to the individual and is responsive and meticulously planned, essential when balancing a decent training load with full-time work. I need to know what I’m doing, when I’m doing it and why.

Mark is also good at looking beyond the numbers and understanding how personal circumstances, personality and preference effects how an individual engages with the programme. I enjoy and appreciate the fact that Mark gives as much attention and energy to me as a 40 something age grouper as he does his pro athletes.

Mark’s coaching philosophy has seemed, for me as an athlete, to focus on building a programme and race strategy around my strengths rather than spending too much time developing my weaknesses, the difference in coaching philosophy is subtle but its influence has been significant in me moving towards my sub 10 target. With Mark’s support and guidance and smart programming, I started to see the bike gains that had eluded me for many years and, for me most significantly, allowed me to execute a well-paced and controlled Ironman to post my fastest ever Ironman at 41 years old. The majority of the gains came on the bike but riding so much stronger allowed me to also run to my potential too. I achieved my goal at Kalmar, Sweden in 2018 with a 9hr53 Ironman and a 3:26 marathon. It also would have secured my 5th Kona slot if I’d been able to take it!”

Claire Shea-Simonds, Operations Officer, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

“When I commenced with ITT I had happily dabbled with Triathlon so far as to get myself through a middle distance (Half Ironman) event with a reasonable result for a middle-aged guy with little knowledge or experience. But that was when I went for it and entered Ironman Vichy. At this point, Mark and ITT stepped in and contacted me to offer his services and from then on I didn’t look back. Vichy was 10 months away and Mark helped massively by structuring my training, setting me a weekly schedule and a routine to plan my life around. Working full time and having two daughters means planning is key to my training.

I had attended Mark’s swim school and knew Mark had high standards. As ever, he provided clear information on what was expected in each training session, with a breakdown of what to do. If I had questions I asked, and once every 10 weeks or so we caught up in person. Mark was brilliant, dedicated and happy to help.

I thrive on praise, but Mark is not one for telling you what you want to hear, more what you need to do to improve. This helped me focus, stick to my plan and try to continuously master my technique. I still am no master yet!! All said and done without Mark I would not have trained in such a structured and tailored way with a clear view of what I needed to do. It is also my view that I would not have finished so strongly, setting a marathon PB at the end of the day to finish my first Ironman on a massive high. Mark and ITT are top class and I am loving having Mark’s guidance and support”

Neil Cobley, Ironman Vichy 2018 Finisher, Operations Manager, TT Automotive


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